5 Benefits of Juicing

benefits of juicingJuicing is a fantastic way to add a new element to your healthy lifestyle. While it is no substitute for good diet and exercise, it can support those activities and help you get more energy and better nutrition. Making juice at home also helps you more effectively control the things that go into your body and ensures that nothing you’re not aware of is consumed.

Here are just a few of the great benefits that come with juicing.

1. Increased Health – Drinking juices that you make at home means that you’re going to be consuming a higher quotient of fresh fruits and vegetables. While you’re missing out on some of the roughage that is lost with the pulp, you’re still getting up to 95% of the daily vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to work at its maximum potential.

On top of the general health benefits, it’s also a great way to start consuming foods that can help with specific issues that you may have. Do you need extra iron? You can have a drink based dark, leafy greens. Finding that you have a little trouble controlling your blood sugar? You might want a daily drink with cinnamon and ginger in it to help you regulate that. Broccoli and citrus can add some vitamin C to your diet to stave off illness and if you need vitamin K to deal with uncontrolled bleeding, kale drinks are a good way to support any medication you’re taking.

2. Increased Energy – Once you get the hang of juicing, you can start to choose combinations of ingredients that produce certain physiological reactions. Perhaps the most common of these is extra energy.

There are a couple of ways that juicing can help you with energy. The most common is by including food that will fuel your body efficiently, giving you what you need to burn for long lasting alertness. While it’s tempting to consider fruit juices because of the quick boost you get from the sugars in there, a better idea is the slow burn of a juice based on greens that will keep you going for a while without a major crash. Parsley is a great addition to almost any drink for an energy boost.

The other side of things is that better sleep will give you more energy for the day. Juicing can also help with that. For example, a juice with Valarian in it will help relax your body and contribute to better, less fitful sleep. Camomile is another great addition to your drinks that can help your body let go and repair itself after a day of work.

3. Adopting Healthier Eating Patterns – Most Americans don’t eat nearly as many fresh fruits and vegetables as they should. They tend toward fast food or they will incorporate one into one meal during the day and think that’s enough. What we should be eating is at least two fresh fruits and at least two and a half to three cups of fresh vegetables for most adults. Preferably, they should be different colors to get a range of nutrients.

Juicing can make this a lot easier, not only by combining many of the ingredients into a single serving, but also by altering the taste so that what might normally not be appetizing to a person will still be added to the body hiding behind another flavor.

This encourages healthier eating habits an easy to integrate way. It stresses the importance of healthy eating while making it simpler to do. This is especially good for children who will learn early to love fresh, healthy food options.

4. Controlling What Goes Into Your Body – When you buy processed juices from the store, there are a lot of extra sugars and preservatives in there that you may not want inside your body. Even the “natural” options usually have components that you may not want to consume and can use the resources of your body breaking down and expelling.

When you make your own juice, you control everything that goes into the mix. You know what fruits and vegetables you’ve added, as well as herbs and spices. You can avoid things you’re allergic to or have bad reactions and you can be sure that everything is at its peak freshness when you consume it.

5. It’s Fun – When you really get into juicing, it can be a whole lot of fun. There’s a great community out there that you can share tips and recipes with as well as discuss ingredients and find new juicers. It can be exciting to experiment with new creations as well and find what works for you.

These are only some of the great benefits of juicing. Try it yourself and see how fantastic it can be.

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