How Popular is Juicing?

A top of the line juicerJuicing has been used for centuries in order to provide important nutrients and make consuming fruits and vegetables easier. That being said there has been a huge upswell in interest in the last few years alone. There are a number of reasons for this, and plenty of people are taking advantage of the incredible benefits juicing offers.

A Resurgence in Popularity

The first time juicing was really big in most of the western world was in the 1970s. During that period a number of households were consuming more and more kitchen equipment both to decrease the time it took to prepare meals and to encourage group eating experiences like fondue making and, yes, juicing. Juicing parties would usually involve a number of different fruits and vegetables that were cut in advance and people would congregate at a house to try different combinations.

Eventually the juicing craze slowed down through the 80s and 90s, especially with an increased emphasis on convenience and using disposable items. The culture had changed to the point that reusable devices like juicers were considered passe compared to single serving cartons.

That being said, an increased emphasis on re-usability and saving money by making things at home have made juicing once again incredibly popular. Combine that with a very fast world where people don’t always have the time to get proper nutrition, and you have the perfect setup for a return of juicing.

Who Juices?

Thanks to its increased popularity, all sorts of people are starting to juice these days for a number of different reasons.

Perhaps the most common juicers in the 21st century are young professionals. As mentioned above, we live in a very fast world where it’s not always possible to sit down and have a balanced meal. But that doesn’t prevent our bodies from needing certain nutrients to run at its optimal efficiency. That’s why juicing is great for people always running around: they can get their daily nutrient requirements in liquid form, even while on the go!

Parents are embracing juicing for their families as well. Fresh juice is a great thing to have in the house, especially for young children. It’s a fantastic alternative to store-bought juices that are loaded with sugars and preservatives that can actually be worse for a child’s health than soda in some cases, and it also encourages kids to choose fresh food options rather than pre-packaged ones.

The growing community of “foodies” also has taken to juicing. Since the introduction of the Food Network and the increased popularity of unique foods from around the world, more and more people have found that cooking and enjoying their own meals is a wonderful hobby. Part of that has been the embracing of juicing as a good way to experiment with different flavors, textures, and colors that adds to the eating experience.

These are only some of the people that have found the benefits of juicing both in terms of their health and their enjoyment of eating.

What Else Juicers Can Do

While it’s great to be able to make juice with your juicer, modern equipment can do more than just liquify fruit. There is a whole spectrum of attachments that are available for many juicers that allow different functionality.

For example, some juicing devices can also be used to make homemade nut butters out of peanuts, almonds, cashews, or all sorts of other legumes. These can be sweetened to your specifications as well as have just the right level of crunchiness.

Another thing that has become very popular recently has been juicing leafy greens rather than just fruits and whole vegetables. These can contain a lot of nutrients and beneficial elements that improve health in a lot of people.

Juicing Keeps Getting Stronger

Because of all of the benefits of juicing, both to health and your finances, even more people are discovering it every day. And with the Internet available to share recipes and ideas, even more people are able to really get the most out of their juicer.

This is a fad that doesn’t look like its going away soon. It has the rare combination of being good for your body and your wallet.

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